Blanco, arguably the most famous and successful artist to ever live in Bali, built his

magnificent studio on top of a mountain overlooking the Campuan River. This flamboyant

building, a unique blend of Balinese architecture imbued with the spirit of his native Spain,

houses an interesting collection of works drawn from different periods of his long career.

During his life it was visited daily by hundreds of people from all over the world. The artist,

full of "Catalan charisma," earned himself the sobriquet "The Fabulous Blanco," an

expression that mirrored his talent for creativity.



During his life, Don Antonio Blanco had received many awards, among which feature :

  • The Tiffany Fellowship (USA)
  • The Cannon Prize (New York City)
  • The Suydam Bronze Medal (National Academy of Art and Design New York City)
  • The Most Popular Painting Award (USA)
  • Honorable Mention (Honolulu Academy of Art USA)
  • The Best Portrait Award (Society of Honolulu Artist USA)
  • Special Award (Waikiki Artists Colony, Hawaii, USA)
  • Silver Medal and Scroll Decoration - Chevalier du Sahametrei by his Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk Varman (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
  • One Among the Society of Painters of Fine Art Quality - Autographed Testimonial, IR. Soekarno - President of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy (PH.D) Diploma - National College Windsor (Canada)
  • Membro D'Onore - Ass. Inter.Cavallieri di S. Andrea di Caffa (Napoli, Italia)
  • Honorary Membership -Japan Water Colour Society "Waves of the Ocean" (Tokyo,Japan)
  • Premio De La Critca De Arte - Otorgado al Pintor Y Poeta Don Antonio Maria Blanco por la Exposicion des sus Poemas Pintados En (Barcelona - Spain).
  • Cruz de Caballero by King Juan Carlos I, Rey De Espana awarded in 24 of June1992
  • Dharma Kusuma granted by the Government of Bali in 1997